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Welcome to the 145D home page

Last "proper" reunion was at the Shrew on Saturday 21 June 2003. Much beer drunk, followed by a Balti. CJ & Clarkie took some photo's, but for got to send them to the site......

One unofficial reunion was CJ's 40th in Telford on Saturday 3rd March 2007. There were a lot of appos out there in their forties by then....

In 2015, there was an entry wide reunion at the Novatel in Wolverampton to celibrate the 30th anniversary of joining up.

Next reunion 14 Mar 2020 to celibrate the 36th anniversary of joining up.



The 2001 reunion had an excellent turn out, with a quite a few non D class attendees including FSM. We started at the Shrew, then got signed on to the camp and went bowling, got a mini bus to Shifnal, more drinking, had a curry followed by even more drinking. Thanks to CJ making the arrangements. 

If you were one of the Cosford 145 apprentices and you  want to get in touch ether email please  complete the "Your Details" form.